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Action Bronson Launches His Own Natural Wine

The celebrity wine and natural wine worlds have collided at last. Via Konbini, Action Bronson is launching À La Natural, which is literally, an all-natural wine. Bronson is a former chef and rapper, and currently stars in Vice’s Fuck, That’s Delicious, a show that basically follows his life and eating habits.

Unlike most celebrity wines, À La Natural was not going for profit. Rather than making a high-end Champagne or commercially-friendly varietal like Cabernet Sauvignon, À La Natural was a labor of love. Only 2,000 cases were produced from organically grown grapes with no additives. Natural wines generally do not command high price points, so the math is clear.

À La Natural was made in collaboration with Patrick Bouju, winemaker of Domaine La Boheme. His vineyards are based in Auvergne, a lesser-known region within the Loire. Via, Bouju is able to grow local varieties of Gamay that are not even recognized by the new Loire appellation rules. For that reason, most of Bouju’s wines go under the Vin de Table (table wine) designation.

The exact varietal for À La Natural is unclear. Via the Instagram feed of Parisian restaurant Faggio, which is hosting the wine’s launch party, it is certainly a red, and given Bouju’s experience, very likely a Gamay.

While À La Natural is not available online at the moment, it does appear to be the start of a collaboration that will yield more wines in the future. And it most certainly heralds the beginning of many more all-natural celebrity wines to come.

Update: À La Natural is now available for pre-order in Europe via Culinaries. View our latest article for more details.



  1. Good day, I manage a bar in York, Northern England, I am trying to change the view of wine here and getting in more natural wines, already my list is a 90% mixture of organic and biodynamic wines, but I am forging ahead with natural wines, do you have or can I get any of the A La Natural wine? Ian Lindley,

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