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Warriors Celebrate By Spraying $1,200 Bottles of Champagne

Spraying Champagne is the standard form of celebration for NBA victories. But $1,200 magnums of Champagne? We hope there’s a drinking option.

Via Business Insider, the Golden State Warriors celebrated their win over the Cleveland Cavaliers with 150 bottles of Moët Impérial Golden Luminous Magnums. Below, a tweet from ESPN Sports Reporter Darren Rovell revealed all:

But that’s not all. Via Eater, Moët also sent two $15,000 custom bottles of Nectar Impérial Rosé to the Warriors afterparty at Harlot in SoMa. These bottles look normal — until you see their size relative to the basketball.

We won’t be able to find the Golden Luminous for sale. What we will find without breaking the bank is the house’s icon wine, Moët Impérial Brut. Moët Impérial Brut is widely available and retails at just $44. This wine has 91 points on Wine Spectator and is characterized by a vibrancy of green apple, citrus, along with a richness of palate and fine effervescence.

Celebrating the Warriors victory without breaking the bank? A true win indeed.


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