Trader Joe’s Launches Canned Wines

From the makers of two buck chuck, we now have one buck cans! Trader Joe’s is going into canned wines with the launch of Simpler Wines.

Via its blog, Trader Joe’s felt that the current selection of canned wines on the market didn’t always compare to the quality of bottled wines. So, it partnered with an Italian vino frizzante producer to produce Simpler Wines.

Simpler Wines is currently available in two varieties, white and rosé Italian sparkling. The white sparkling, with notes of “juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs”, is designed to pair well with cheese, olives, and savory dishes. The red sparkling, with red fruit flavors and “elegant” minerality, will pair well with seafood or sweeter dishes.

The cans retail at $3.99 for a pack of four.

Image courtesy of Trader Joe’s.


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