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Port might no longer be called ‘Port’ if it comes from Napa

Remember a day when Champagne equated to all sparkling wines? Via The Napa Valley Register, Port might just be about to go in the same direction.

Port-style wines are fortified dessert wines that are largely sweet and made from red grapes. While Europe recognizes the sanctity of the Port name, the United States does not, and a Port sold in the U.S. could technically be made anywhere.

Out of a desire to respect the Portuguese name protection, four Napa wineries are removing “Port” from their dessert wine names, including Boyd Vineyards, Freemark Abbey, Schweizer Vineyards, and Jessup Cellars. These wineries have now been officially recognized by the Portuguese wine industry.

Schweizer Vineyards is in the process of finalizing its trademark on a new name. In the meantime, expect to see more “dessert wine” or “tawny” labelling on Port-style wines produced in Napa.

Photo credit: Schweizer Vineyards


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