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Wine Review: Proudly Vegan’s New Merlot, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc

For most wine brands, veganism tends to be an afterthought. To find out whether a wine is vegan, we must pore through fine print or visit the wine’s website. Thankfully, Proudly Vegan’s new line of wines is coming to the U.S. These clearly-labeled wines put the focus on veganism — down to the labels, which are also made with vegan ink and glue. In less than a year since its inception in 2018, Proudly Vegan has already seen rapid success in the United Kingdom.

When Proudly Vegan launched in the U.S., we were eager to review their wines. Would the company’s focus on vegan processing detract from the wine’s flavor? We were delighted to find that Proudly Vegan is proof that quality, flavorful wine can be made without animal byproducts.

In fact, upon tasting, it became abundantly clear why Proudly Vegan wines are so successful. The brand makes approachable, flavorful vegan wine available at a price typically only had by non-vegan wines. At approximately $10 per bottle, Proudly Vegan finally gives vegans an attractive option for everyday wine consumption.

Here’s a quick rundown of Proudly Vegan’s three wines, all from Chile’s Valle Central:

Proudly Vegan 2018 Sauvignon Blanc
This is the most vibrant wine of the Proudly Vegan line. The initial bouquet is fresh and green — grass, herbs, lime, crunchy white peach, and passion fruit. But on the palate, the wine’s green notes quickly give way to lychee, white nectarine and pineapple. With its crisp acidity and juicy fruit, Proudly Vegan Sauvignon Blanc makes a versatile partner for anything from fresh spring veggies to avocado toast.

Proudly Vegan 2018 Merlot
If it feels early to drink a 2018 Merlot, know that Chilean wine harvests actually occur half a year earlier than American harvests due to Chile’s location in the Southern Hemisphere. The Proudly Vegan Merlot is already approachable now, with lush aromatics of black cherry, black plum, and blackberry, rounded out by sultry mocha notes and a hint of vanilla and oak spice. We could see this one going nicely with portobello mushroom burgers or a vegan lasagna.

Proudly Vegan 2018 Rosé
This medium-bodied dry rosé successfully balances a supple texture with fresh aromatics. Raspberry, yellow peach, and Santa Rosa plum mingle with a hint of blossoms. Its bright acidity is rounded out by a nice touch of creaminess on the palate. Proudly Vegan Rosé is delicious on its own, but also has the acidity to play well with roasted vegetables or a fresh tomato salad.

Proudly Vegan sets the bar high for other wine brands looking to launch all-vegan labels. But with so many environmental and health benefits to a plant-based diet, we certainly hope more brands follow in their lead. Proudly Vegan wines are currently available in California and New York City, with plans for distribution across the U.S. in the very near future. To learn more, visit

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