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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Favorite Wine on A Minute + A Glass of Wine

It’s rare to see singers drink wine in the middle of their concert. Kelly Clarkson is the exception to this norm. The Grammy award-winning musician will soon host The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC. To prepare for nationwide television, she’s launched a webisode series, A Minute + A Glass of Wine. These Youtube and Facebook livestreams let Clarkson broadcast the things she loves in a less scripted way than television — and of course, drink wine.

“The point is to relax and have a minute,” said Clarkson on her first webisode. “I feel like there aren’t many moments where people can just be real,” she added on her latest webisode. “You have to be on all the time.”

On A Minute + A Glass of Wine, Clarkson does everything from discuss favorite albums to interview fellow musicians. While the show isn’t trying to take on any life-changing topics, it does strive to highlight similarities amongst people. “We have far more commonalities than we do differences, and I feel like that has to be pointed out now more than ever.”

The show allows Clarkson to draw from her extensive musical network. She brings out everyone from previous American Idol and The Voice contestants to John Legend.

Of course, Clarkson also drinks wine on A Minute + A Glass of Wine. While wine is not the focus of the show, Clarkson does reveal on one episode that her favorite wine is from Belle Glos Cellars. In particular, Clarkson notes the bottle’s beautiful wax seal that “makes you want to write a letter at a desk with a quill pen.”

Belle Glos is certainly more than just a wine with an elegant bottle. The winery was created by Joe Wagner, son of Caymus Vineyards founder Chuck Wagner. Unlike Caymus, Belle Glos is known for its site-specific Pinot Noir, which showcases the nuances of different regions along California’s coast. Belle Glos wines retail at $55 per bottle.

Photo credit: Belle Glos

Because of Clarkson’s complete candidness — down to her lack of makeup at times — it truly does feel like you’re getting to know who she really is. Amidst the wine, frank thoughts, and sporadic outbursts of song (which, by the way, are far more beautiful than many singers’ rehearsed songs), we’re intrigued to see where A Minute + A Glass of Wine will go. Check out the episodes on Youtube.


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