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Boutique Winemaker Vin Sadel Expands to the U.S.

With a new Parisian storefront and distribution to the US, Vin Sadel is poised for global expansion. This family-owned wine producer and negociant was started just four years ago in 2014, but already sources from major wine regions across France, including St. Emilion, Vacqueyras, and Provence.

Vin Sadel’s main estate is situated in Montagne St. Emilion. The winery prides itself on quality, selecting grapes from different plots each year based on the quality of the vintage. Ultimately, the team strives for smoothness, delicacy, and aromatic range.

We had the privilege of sampling Vin Sadel’s most recent rosé release, and can confirm that it lived up to this promise. Unlike the many light, crisp, Grenache-based rosés, 2017 Famille Sadel Rosé de Provence has 40% Mourvedre, giving it an exceptionally smooth, luscious finish. This rosé was the result of a special collaboration between Vin Sadel and the Rosé Institute of Provence.

On the nose, there are classic aromatics of strawberry, red cherry, and raspberry. On the palate, this evolves into richer flavors almost reminiscent of peaches and cream. The roundness and weight of the rosé is kept in balance by a refreshingly bright, mouthwatering acidity.

The effort is especially impressive given how difficult the 2017 vintage was for Provence. Hot weather and extreme drought led to very small harvests across Provence.

Given the summer weather, we paired our rosé with a fresh chicken pesto. The creamy texture of the rosé makes it perfect for the mild flavor of a tender, lightly seasoned chicken breast. (Tip: let the chicken rest for a full ten minutes before slicing, to help it retain as much moisture as possible) The acidity in Vin Sadel’s rosé helps it stand up to the more herbal notes of fresh pesto.

While we haven’t had the opportunity to visit their Paris storefront, Maison Gives Cave a Vin, at 6 rue Vauvilliers, it does have very positive TripAdvisor ratings. For now, we’ll continue to dream about it with a glass of Famille Sadel in hand. Learn more at


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