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Singer Mya Launches Planet 9 Vegan Wine

Grammy Award-winning singer Mya is releasing much more than music these days. The musician is now adding a vegan wine to her merchandise brand, Planet 9. Mya has championed a vegan lifestyle for years, crediting veganism for helping her combat depression, anxiety, weight gain, and stress.

Why vegan wine? According to Mya’s vegan transition guide, most wines are filtered using animal membranes or guts. Planet 9 Fine Wine Cabernet Sauvignon is produced without animal parts. The wine serves as a powerful reminder that even seemingly plant-based foods can contain animal byproducts.

Planet 9 Fine Wine is produced in partnership with Frey Vineyards. Frey Vineyards has been a proponent of organic and vegan wines since 1980. The Mendocino County, CA-based winery crafts all of its wines without added sulfites, helping reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Planet 9 Wine also is made from organic grapes and fermented with organic, non-GMO yeasts.

While details on the taste of Planet 9 Fine Wine are limited, we do know that it is a Cabernet Sauvignon with plum infusions, and therefore likely quite fruit-forward. Fans can buy the wine for $69.95 on Mya’s website.

Photo credit: Mya


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