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Marathon Wines from an Ultramarathoner: Dean Karnazes Launches New Greek Wine Label

For Greek-American ultra marathon runner Dean Karnazes, wine is a better painkiller than ibuprofen. In true Greek style, Karnazes relaxes his muscles after a long run with a glass of wine. So, it’s entirely fitting that the athlete is now partnering with NU-Greek Wines to launch Marathon wines.

Marathon Wines are sourced from grapes grown in Greece, all hand picked and 100% non-GMO. They then travel to Sonoma to be vinified by Deerfield Ranch winemaker Robert Rex. There are two wines, both of which are dry and refreshing — ideal after a long run. Athena’s Vineyard is a 2017 dry white Assyrtiko that is bright and “almost effervescent on the tongue”. Nike’s Vineyard is a 2017 rosé blend which “has as much bounce as Dean’s racing strides,” says Winemaker Robert Rex.

Winemaker Robert Rex and Dean Karnazes. Photo credit: Georgos Wine

A particularly important point for athletes is that Marathon Wines are additive-free and have low sulfites. For Karnazes, who is most famous for running 350 miles in 80 hours, with no sleep, it’s especially important for foods not to cause allergic reactions.

Marathon Wines retail at $23 each on marathonwine.com.


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