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Apothic Brew: Get Your Wine and Coffee Fix at the Same Time

We have A.M. coffee, and P.M. wine. But when is the time for coffee-infused wine? For the first time, Apothic is fusing wine and cold brew coffee into one bottle, Apothic Brew.

Bear in mind this is no strong cuppa joe. Apothic Brew has “less caffeine than a standard cup of decaf”, which is only about 10 milligrams. On the flip side, low caffeine content makes Apothic Brew a wine one can enjoy even at night.

The inspiration? After seeing demand for cold brew coffee jump 430% in the US between 2015-2017, Apothic wanted in. Winemaker Deb Juergenson started to experiment with blends that seamlessly married coffee and wine.

The final blend incorporates the dark fruit elements of red wine with the smooth chocolate flavors of cold brew. Apothic Brew can be served at room temperature, or lightly chilled if you want to enhance its cold brew nature.

Apothic appears to be the first of its kind in the coffee-infused wine space. A few brands have experimented with steeping coffee grounds in wine, but the result is non-alcoholic. For example, Molinari Private Reserve and Uncommon Goods both carry wine-infused coffee grounds.

Apothic Brew will be available in limited quantities starting April 1st. To find Apothic Brew near you, simply visit


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