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At Last: A Wine for Bacon Lovers

Food and wine pairings shouldn’t be complicated. Guarachi Wine Partners is taking a stand to end the confusion with the launch of a wine named exactly after the food it’s designed to pair with: BACON.

The idea simply makes sense. Why should shoppers have to spend so much time trying to find the right wine for their meatloaf, sushi, or chicken fajitas? Why not be able to amble down aisles with wines clearly labeled with ingredients they pair well with? Heck, we’d like to request a KALE to pair with all the salads we’re downing right now. Or perhaps a RAMEN wine would be nice.

According to Guarachi, BACON boasts bold, rich, dark fruit flavor and peppery spice to make it the perfect partner to “America’s most craved food: BACON”. And yes, that label is made out of wood — just like a butcher’s chopping board.

While it might sound otherwise, BACON is not a gimmick. The wine is a Rhone-style blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mouvedre, Merlot, Petite Syrah from the California Central Coast crafted by critically-acclaimed winemaker Joey Tensley of Tensley winery. Tensley’s smoky, rich Santa Barbara Syrahs have consistently netted 90+ points on Wine Spectator. This gives us high hopes for his newest endeavor, BACON.

BACON retails at $19.99 per bottle. It does not currently appear to be widely available nationwide, but we’ll provide more info as we receive it. Learn more at


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