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Vivino Now Offers Unlimited Free Wine Shipping for $47/year

Update: as of October 2018, it appears Vivino Premium is no longer available.

When “the world’s largest wine marketplace” of over 32,000 wines starts offering unlimited free shipping, we listen up. Vivino just launched Vivino Premium, bringing us unlimited wine shipping for just $47 per year. That’s over three times the selection of (which caps off at 10,000 wines), Amazon Wine, or even Total Wine.

We thought, surely this is too good to be true! So, we combed the fine print for those pesky exclusions. The truth? It’s pretty much as good as it sounds. There are no order minimums, so you can technically buy even one bottle at a time without having to think of filling a case. The only limits to free shipping are around bottles requiring special shipping conditions. And of course, you must live in a state where direct to consumer wine shipments are legal.

What’s especially exciting about Vivino Premium is the potential it bodes for the future. Vivino has nearly 9 million scanned wines on its platform. A selection of 32,000 wines might sound large, until you realize that for Vivino, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. It’s quite likely they will continue expanding their marketplace selection. The thought of hundreds of thousands of wines available for sale from one platform, let alone millions, is incredibly compelling.

This latest development also equates to more consumer freedom. Imagine never overpaying for a bottle again — you can simply whip out an app and decide whether the store has it cheaper, or you can order it from Vivino. Vivino also currently allows users to scan a wine list in a restaurant and quickly view ratings. This feature makes it easy to purchase bottles that you enjoyed at restaurants, without having to search for a different retailer every time.

Unsure about Vivino Premium? You can try it free for 30 days by visiting The program also gives members access to up to 50% off of curated deals. And no, we’re not being paid by Vivino, we just love it and think it has the most comprehensive wine database out there.

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    1. Yes! Unfortunately it looks like that was an introductory offer when Vivino first launched Marketplace. It no longer appears to be available. We will update the article accordingly.

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