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Lady Gaga is Launching a New Line of Wines

After plenty of rumors, Lady Gaga has finally released a long-anticipated line of wines. No, this isn’t Gaga Wine, an entirely different label not owned by Gaga that now appears to be defunct. The wines are actually for Joanne Trattoria, the New York restaurant owned by Gaga’s aunt and uncle.

Interestingly, the restaurant already lists a “Gaga Chardonnay” and “Gaga Pinot Noir” for $44 a bottle on their menu, alongside themed cocktails like the “Gaga” or the “Monster”. This is not the same as her new wines, which via appear to be a Vino Bianco (white wine) and Vino Rosso (red wine). And unlike her fantastical persona, Lady Gaga’s official wines are actually surprisingly normal-looking bottles under the label Joanne Trattoria.

Gaga Wine
Image via The Blast

Gaga has always had a passion for wine, as evidenced in previous songs such as Grigio Girls, which commemorates her friend who died of breast cancer. The two used to drown their sorrows with Pinot Grigio, hence the name.

The wines do not appear to be available for purchase by the public yet, but we’ll be sure to provide updates as we receive them.


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