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Outlander Wines Now Available on Lot 18

Outlander viewers now have a wine to celebrate (or drown any sorrows caused by) the show’s third season. Today, Lot 18 exclusively launched six Outlander wines in collaboration with the STARZ show.

Each wine expresses a different element of the two main characters’ personalities, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. The wines are sourced by Lot 18 in partnership with winemakers from both California and France.

Not surprisingly, three fuller-bodied wines are chosen to embody Jamie’s character. A tannic, vibrant, Syrah-based 2016 Côtes du Rhône Rouge represents Jamie’s fierceness during the Jacobite rebellion. A medium-bodied, 2016 Languedoc-la-clape Rouge with dark fruit aromatics punctuated by light herbal accents is chosen for Jamie’s time as a post-Jacobite fugitive. And a brooding, concentrated 2015 Pays d’Oc Syrah embodies some of Jamie’s darkest moments as a prisoner.

Three lighter-bodied wines are chosen to exemplify Claire’s multifaceted character. An earthy, seductive 2016 California Pinot Noir represents Claire’s romance as a new bride to Jamie. A refreshing, mineral-driven 2016 Languedoc-la-clape Rosé embodies the new perspective Claire brings as an outsider to the 1700s Scottish Highlands. And an enchanting, floral 2016 Pays d’Oc Viognier represents Claire’s cunning, persuasive capabilities.

All of the wines are available on — expect this limited release to sell quickly. The reds retail at $25 each, and the whites and roses at $20 each.


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