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Finally, a Wine for Final Fantasy Fans

The perfect holiday gift for that gamer in your life is… wine? Final Fantasy is celebrating its 30th Anniversary by launching two new wines. And these aren’t just any wines — they’re single-vineyard Burgundy wines from the Macon region.

We applaud the move. If Final Fantasy has been in existence for 30 years, many of its fans have likely graduated beyond Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

There are two wines, an Ifrit Rouge and Shiva Blanc. The Ifrit Rouge is a Pinot Noir named after a Final Fantasy summon that brings extremely hot flames. The Shiva Blanc, fittingly, is a Chardonnay named after one of the rivals to Ifrit. Shiva is a summon that turns everything to ice. Another nice touch for Final Fantasy fans — both wines are made in a medieval castle, Château des Bois.

Storytelling aside, the wines also hold promise for taste. Château des Bois has a rocky, southward-facing slope that makes it optimal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Winemaker Xavier Greuzard comes from four generations of winemakers at Château de la Greffière. Château de la Greffière is the parent winery to Château des Bois, that has produced 90+ Wine Spectator rated wines.

If you’re looking to purchase a Final Fantasy wine, the Shiva Blanc ($55) is a great bet. The Maconnais region is known for Chardonnay with honeyed, fruit-forward aromas, while still retaining a good balance of acidity and structure. The Maconnais is less known for Pinot Noir, so it is perhaps less surprising that the Ifrit Rouge has the same price point ($55) and a rather uninspiring description of “mildly tannic with notes of strawberry”.

Both the Shiva Blanc and Ifrit Rouge can be pre-ordered on for an end-of-November delivery.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix.


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