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Pro Wrestler Cody Rhodes is Going Into Wine

First, the Bella Twins. Now, Cody Rhodes. 2017 might just be a year where the wrestling and wine worlds collide.

Former WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes recently announced via social media and Sports Illustrated that he is entering the world of wine. Rhodes’ goal: to make wine less pretentious, and to prove that wrestlers can and should be involved in the wine world.

So how does a wrestler go into wine? By partnering with another wrestler, of course. Rhodes has teamed up with his former opponent, Stephen Amell. Amell started Nocking Point Wines in 2012 with Stephen Harding, a former MTV executive. Nocking Point is a Walla Walla-based wine club 6,000+ members strong in the US, Canada, and UK.

With Nocking Point, the story is just as important as the wine. Wine labels are designed with a number of themes in mind, including family, friends, superheroes and archery (a nod to Arrow, the show Amell stars in).

One thing all Nocking Point wines share: a streak of the unconventional. From a Cabernet Sauvignon named by fans (“Wicked Aim”) to a Rosé unapologetically for dudes, Nocking Point is approaching wine differently.

Cody Rhodes is adding two new wines to the Nocking Point mix. Fittingly, one is named after his father, legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream”, and the other after himself, “The American Nightmare”.

The already sold-out “Dream” is a New Mexico sparkling made by winemaker Laurent Gruet. Its label depicts the yellow polka dots Rhodes’ father wore throughout his career. Laurent Gruet’s family owns the renowned Champagne house Gruet et Fils in France.  Laurent is now bringing the traditional Champenoise method to Gruet Winery in New Mexico, earning 90+ ratings on his recent releases. While “Dream” is sold out, Gruet sells a Blanc de Noirs with the same 75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay blend at $17 that may actually be quite similar.

Next up is the “Nightmare” Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre blend made by winemaker Sean Boyd, of Sightglass Cellars. Rhodes is a huge fan of bold red blends, so he selected this robust blend which he describes as tasting like “Klingon bloodwine”. Of course, like the majority of the Nocking Point wines, this one is also sold out. A similar Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre blend from Boyd’s former winery, Woodinville Wine Cellars, is available at $35 and may be worth considering.

Will we see more wines from Cody Rhodes? His future wine endeavors are not yet clear, but one thing is certain: to get a hold of future Nocking Point wines, membership is mandatory. Visit NockingPointWines.com to learn more.


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