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Pouch Wine is the New Canned Wine

Canned wines are so 2016. And boxed wine? That’s just mainstream at this point.

So what’s next? Try pouch wine. That’s right. Electric Rosé is taking grownups back to grade school with wine in an aluminum pouch. But this Capri Sun lookalike isn’t just any  juice. Electric Rosé is actually a premium rosé from the Central Valley of Chile, blended from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. And unlike sugary Capri Sun, you can actually expect rosé with crisp acidity and a clean, refreshing finish.

Still not sold? Pouch wines kinda outdo their bottled, boxed, and canned wines on many levels. They chill faster, stack better, and don’t scream “I’m drinking”, for those who want to drink publicly without judgment. Pouch wines are also extra spill-proof, so you can do things like float your wine in the pool with extra confidence that you won’t lose it to the water.

Electric Rosé is sold in packs of six, at $17.99. If the price seems steep for wine in a bag, know that one pack equates to 1.5 bottles of wine. Also, a portion of all proceeds go to, an organization “dedicated to providing clean water in sustainable and repeatable ways” globally.

Alas, most of us will have to wait to experience this wine-filled nostalgia. Electric Rosé is making its initial debut in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Tennessee. To learn more, visit


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