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You Can Now Earn Rewards for Drinking Black Box Wine

How much boxed wine can you drink? Black Box wants to test your love with a new loyalty program that rewards fans for every Black Box purchase.

At launch, the loyalty program is quite generous. Everyone automatically receives 500 points for joining, and 1,000 points for subscribing to email. Then, members get 50 points just for visiting every week — a brilliant play which is bound to increase Black Box’s site ranking in search engines.

Of course, to truly earn points one must purchase Black Box. Every 3 liter box earns 2,000 points, so with seven boxes and a few site visits, you’re already getting a $25 Sephora or Uber gift card.

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No, you won’t have to start downing liters of boxed wine like a college teenager to earn rewards. Black Box also has smaller, 500 mL packages (that’s less than a bottle of wine) that earn 300 points per purchase.

But, if your goal is rewards, go for the 3 liter. At essentially half the cost, you’ll earn 200 extra points buying one $15 box than buying six $5 500 mL boxes. Still in doubt? If you or your family/friends can finish four bottles over the span of six weeks, putting away a 3L Black Box should be no trouble. That next batch of sangria, cocktails, or stew is also a good candidate for boxed-quality wine. Another fun fact: Black Box has half the carbon footprint of bottled wine.

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