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Dom Pérignon Launches 1 Hour Delivery via Thirstie

What’s better than Dom Pérignon delivered straight to your door? Dom Pérignon delivered in one hour, with no delivery fee. Via Food & Wine, Dom Perignon just launched 1 hour delivery via Thirstie to lucky NYC and Miami residents. Thirsty is an on-demand drink delivery service.

To order, customers simply visit to submit their orders. Currently, it appears that the Vintage 2006 and P2 1998 are available for order. Interestingly, it currently appears that more Dom Pérignon vintages are available via Thirstie than the Dom Pérignon website. Via, customers can also order Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, Rosé Vintage 2004, and the Rosé Vintage 2004 limited edition by Michael Riedel.

While there is no delivery fee, Thirstie suggests a $6 tip — which is certainly appropriate for anyone who races to bring your Champagne in under an hour. Taxes also still apply. All in, we still think this is entirely a steal for Dom Pérignon delivered to our doorsteps!



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