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Tyga Promotes French Sparkling Wine With 24K Gold Flakes

Because a wine wouldn’t be worthy of @kinggoldchains’ endorsement without gold flakes: Tyga is now promoting LEGRAND La Vie Dorée, a new sparkling wine filled with 24k gold. The name, La Vie Dorée, literally translates to “the golden life.” And via the DailyMail, from the flakes of gold literally are hammered out by “French goldbeaters.”

The wine, which Tyga mistakenly called a “Champagne” on Instagram, is actually a Cremant de Bourgogne, or sparkling from Burgundy. There are currently two wines under the LEGRAND label: BRUT, a 90% Chardonnay – 10% Aligoté blend, and ROSÉ, a 100% pinot noir. Surprisingly, even given the presence of precious metals, the wines retail at just $85 for the brut and $95 for the rosé. Both are already sold out on

What’s interesting is that while LEGRAND La Vie Dorée is a new wine with its trademark filed in 2017, the Maison claims to have been founded in 1907. It is unclear what their other wines offerings are. La Vie Dorée is their foray into premium wines.

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