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Dada Life Launches Champagne Made for Spraying (and Drinking)

Swedish EDM band Dada Life has just launched a new champagne that is just as “amazing to spray” as it is to drink. Because when an EDM group launches a Champagne, you know it comes ready to party.

Fun stuff first:

  • Spraying distance: The website promises an average 30-foot spraying distance. No word about how much shaking is required to make this happen.
  • The taste: How can we not like a wine that promises “bursts full of happy fruits and finishes harmoniously with spicy rage”? Plus, it pairs well with bananas.
  • This isn’t Dada Life’s first wine endeavor. Via Forbes, the band actually originally partnered with a California winemaker to create a sparkling wine. However, they then decided they “needed to do the real thing”, scrapped their plans, and took the wine to Champagne.

Now, the serious stuff:

  • The quality: Dada Life Champagne is legit. It’s sourced from grapes handpicked from the Marne Valley and Côte des Bars, and produced in the traditional Methode Champenoise.
  • The blend: A Brut Reserve of 45% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay.
  • The profile: Via Forbes, Dada Life Champagne is intentionally designed to be lighter and less complex than more expensive Champagnes. It’s meant to be “light and summery”, for outdoor drinking rather than tableside with a meal.

At just $35-40 a bottle, this champagne is a steal. Customers can score $10 off with code BANANAS, and free shipping and further discounts on orders of 3 bottles or more. Visit dadalifechampagne.com to learn more.


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