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Chandon Launches New Wine for Indian Cuisine & Consumers

Spicy food and wine are usually foes. Most restaurants solve this with sweeter or less tannic wines, to avoid fanning those spicy flames in your mouth. But why not simply develop a new wine that’s specifically designed for spicy cuisine?

In a pioneering move that is sure to be followed by other major wine brands, Chandon has launched its first wine made in India, for Indian cuisine. The new sparkling, Délice, is made from locally sourced Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes. Délice has a higher sugar content to fit local preferences for sweeter beverages and to pair better with spicy dishes. It can even be served with ice or a slice of fruit.

Délice is made in the Nashik region of India. The Nashik wine industry is still nascent, with its first winery, Sula, started in 1999. Via the Sula site, Nashik is suitable for winemaking due to its location in the Western Ghats, at 600 meters above sea level. It also has volcanic soil, cool nights, and warm days, allowing grapes to achieve optimal ripeness.

Chandon produces wine globally in countries including Brazil and China, but this is its first foray into India. Via The Indian Express, Chandon worked closely with local viticulturists to understand the terroir of the area and successfully grow grapes. “When we came into the country four years ago, the sparkling wine industry did not exist. What we have built is a Chandon culture and are aiming to go beyond just the sparkling wine,” Sophia Sinha, Chandon’s Senior Marketing Manager, told IANS.

The new Chandon Délice is in India only, so those of us looking for the perfect wine to pair with our spicy cuisine will just have to wait (or make friends with someone traveling there!). It is priced at 1500 INR, or approximately $23 USD.


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