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HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron: Wine Delivery With Your Meal

HelloFresh is upping its wine game, following meal delivery competitor Blue Apron’s move back in 2015. Today, HelloFresh announced it is adding wine delivery to its offerings. Of course, the wines are intended to pair with HelloFresh recipes.

So, what’s the difference between Blue Apron and HelloFresh wine delivery?

1. Size: In the spirit of portioning out every ingredient and serving, Blue Apron wines also come portioned out for you. Blue Apron wines come in 500 ml bottles, which is 2/3 of a standard-sized bottle. So if you want a full-sized bottle, opt for HelloFresh. If splitting a bottle between two sounds daunting, Blue Apron is your go-to.

2. Price: Since HelloFresh offers full-sized bottles, it costs more than Blue Apron. HelloFresh costs $89 for six 750 ml bottles, versus $65.99 for six 500 ml bottles with Blue Apron.

3. Selection: HelloFresh allows customers to choose from a selection of red, white, or mixed wines. Blue Apron currently has only one mixed option of 3 red and 3 white bottles.

Find out more about the new HelloFresh wine offering here, or learn about the Blue Apron wine offering here.

Image courtesy of HelloFresh.


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