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Union Wine Co. Releases New Rosé Bubbles

[RoséWatch] Popular canned winemaker Union Wine Co. is rolling out a new sparkling rosé! The company broke the news via social media, sharing a photo of its new pink cans. The cans are fifth in the Union Wine Co. lineup of canned wines, which include a Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rosé, and seasonal sparkling wine.

The new wine is literally called “rosé bubbles” and retails at $28 for a pack of 4 cans (if $7 for a can of wine seems expensive, think about it this way: each can equates to a half bottle). Rosé bubbles are currently available online only, but Union Wine Co. notes they will hit stores soon. Tasting notes include “wild strawberries and tart cherry”.

This launch continues the meteoric rise of rosé that we’re seeing across winemakers and brands in 2017.


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