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Vivino Launches Market, the “Netflix” of Wine

Ever wondered which wines are similar to the ones you like? Vivino might just have the answer. Via The Drinks Business, The world’s most popular wine review app just launched a new Netflix-like recommendation feature, Vivino Market. Now, when users open their app, they’ll see suggestions for other wines similar to ones they’ve scanned.

Recommendations are nothing new in the online wine shopping world. In fact, pretty much all of the major wine eCommerce sites offer similar recommendations: Bevmo!,, Amazon Wine, WineExpress, Total Wine — the list goes on.

However, the value Vivino offers is that it has recommendations that span across the largest database of wines in the world. Vivino has over 22 million users, 10.5 million wines, and 64 million ratings. So not only is Vivino Market a recommendations engine that is comprehensive, it also factors in the collective vote of millions of users.

This is a pretty big step towards democratizing the wine world. Instead of relying solely on the opinion of one or two wine experts, or magazine ratings, Vivino is shifting wine evaluation and discovery into the power of consumers.

Since we’re on the topic, another Vivino feature we particularly love is the ability to scan any wine list, and get ratings and reviews. While this scanning process usually only successfully identifies a portion of the wines on any given list, it’s incredibly helpful when you have been entrusted with bottle selection by your entire table at dinner.

If you can’t already tell, we’re huge Vivino fans. So, stay tuned for more news and updates on the app.


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