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There is Now a “Deplorables” Wine

Even wine can’t escape politics. In a statement-making entrepreneurial move, politically conservative news outlet The Daily Caller announced the launch of a wine called Les Deplorables, specifically made for Trump supporters.

After an attempted boycott of Trump wines at Wegmans caused the wines to sell out instead, people must have realized that Trump supporters are also wine aficionados.

The current release includes a 2014 Chardonnay and a 2014 Cabernet. There’s  not too much more detail about the wines themselves — aside from the interesting side note that the grapes themselves might be liberal, as they do happen to hail from the California Central Coast.

Each bottle retails at $15. Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to buy an entire basket of Deplorables, so a six-bottle order is $90.

Find out more (or buy yourself a bottle) on The Daily Caller.

Image via The Daily Caller


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