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Value Finds: 2015 Alsace Pinot Noir

For most, Alsace wine equates to dry whites like Riesling and Gewurtztraminer. But due to global warming, Alsace may also soon be known for pinot noir. Via the Chicago Tribune, record warmth has enabled recent vintages of Alsace pinot noir to achieve fuller ripeness, flavor, and color than ever before. Winemakers are starting to prioritize pinot noir in the vineyard, dedicating better quality plots of land to the varietal.

Although it’s barely hit the market, 2015 is already building a reputation as one of the best Alsace vintages on record across industry authorities from Decanter to the Drinks Business. The year had mild, warm weather that allowed pinot noir to have a richer flavor and lower acid that previous years. Most stores are still working their way through the 2013 and 2014 vintages. But if you can find 2015 Alsace pinot noir, snap it up while it lasts. Pinot noir is only 10% of vineyard plantings in Alsace, so supply will be limited.

The good part? Since Alsace Pinot Noir is still relatively unknown, it’s still very reasonably priced. The Chicago Tribune recommends the 2015 Domaine Saint-Remy Rosenberg Pinot Noir at $22.


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