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Why Old World Bordeaux Labels are Going New World

We’re not supposed to judge a wine by its bottle, but let’s face it — most of us do. American winemakers caught on to this decades ago, branding their bottles with everything from cupcakes, to prisoners, to swear words.

French wines are a different story. The Bordeaux wine label hasn’t changed for centuries. Traditional black-and-white ink depictions of chateaux, vineyards, and winery insignias are practically synonymous with Bordeaux. But via Forbes, this long-held convention might soon take a new turn.

While 64% of Americans prefer traditional wine labels, a newer generation of drinkers finds modern wine labels more appealing. This is a generation that is choosing their wine based on what’s on it, as much as what’s in it.

In response, some Bordeaux makers are turning to designers to help them craft labels with a modern flair. From textured labels to upside-down text, expect to see Bordeaux bottles that you might just mistake for a Napa Cabernet. Female-owned Château Les Charmes worked with graphic designer Lou Dorémus to design the labels for Impertinent and Exuberant, both depicting curvaceous redheads. Chateau Chasserat traded in its chateau image for a golden metallic image of the Mayan calendar.

These changes are just the beginning of a trend of Old World Bordeaux wine labels taking a New World turn. In a world where standing out on store shelves is everything, this move is bound to further increase Bordeaux’ appeal to Millennial drinkers.


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