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Lady Gaga is Launching Her Own Line of Wines

As if performing at the Super Bowl wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga continues to make headlines post-game with the news that she will soon be producing her own line of wines. Via TMZ, the wine will be called “Grigio Girls”, for a song named after a friend, Sonja who had cancer. Gaga and her friends would share a bottle of Pinot Grigio and cry for Sonja.

The line may eventually consist of more than just wine. Paperwork filed also lists “prepared wine cocktails, wine coolers, wine punches and prepared alcoholic cocktails” under the name.

Interestingly, there used to be a line of Gaga Wines (check out for a listing) and these wines (as well as the domain) appear to be now entirely unavailable. What happened to Gaga Wines? Did Gaga buy over the naming rights?

Regardless, apparently Gaga has always been a wine fan, so the direction makes sense. Back in 2012, Sonoma Magazine reported that two bottles of Kendall Jackson or Robert Mondavi were backstage requirements for Lady Gaga.


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