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[ SOMMWatch ] Former Sommelier of Babbo, Quince joins SommSelect

Fans of the movie SOMM will be glad to know that the studies paid off for Master Sommelier Ian Cauble (the one who spent copious amounts of time on screen memorizing wine flashcards). Cauble now owns SommSelect, a service that sends six Master Somm-approved wines to your doorstep for $199 a month, or a free curated selection daily via email.
The most recent win is that SommSelect will now have its wine descriptions written by one of the most qualified authorities around. David Lynch, former sommelier at Babbo (NYC), Quince (SF), and most recently, owner of storied SF wine bar St. Vincent, will be joining SommSelect as editorial director.
Since describing wine is pretty much innate to any tenured sommelier, expect SommSelect to expand even more rapidly with Lynch onboard. As an online service, the company relies on words to bring to the intricacies of each wine to life. Their descriptions are rife with personality and colorful analogies. For example, on today’s Alsace: “If Burgundy Pinot is Bill Evans, or Dave Brubeck, Rieflé’s Alsace Pinot is Thelonious Monk.”
Lynch also mentioned ambitions to add a blog that includes more sommelier voices, as well as live events. Stay tuned — we’ll be sure to share out any future updates on SommSelect (or SommLand in general).

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