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5 Things to Know About the New Sparkling Wine Made by the Queen

Her Royal Majesty is now producing a  sparkling wine! Via The Daily Mail, 5 things to know about the new royal bubbly:

  • The first 2013 vintage only had 3,000 bottles produced, but the winery expects to produce 20,000 bottles within the next 5 years
  • The release is all sold out, but eager consumers can reserve the 2014 vintage at U.K. wine retailer Laithwaite’s for the very accessible price of £35 a bottle
  • The 2013 vintage is a Chardonnay-based blend best consumed by 2025
  • The grapes were farmed entirely at the Queen’s historic Windsor Great Park Estate. The first wines were farmed at Windsor Castle in the 12th Century by King Henry II
  • Southeast England has optimal terroir for sparkling wines because it contains the same type of chalky, limestone-based soil that is found in Champagne. Expect to see a growing amount of sparkling wine coming from this region in years to come

Long live the Queen, and long live the bubbly!

Read more via The Daily Mail


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