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3 Reasons why Washington is the New Oregon for Wine

Watch out, Oregon: the time is nigh for a (relative) newcomer to take the spot as wine region of the moment: Washington State. Here are a few super-compelling reasons why it makes complete sense to buy Washington wine now, via

  1. Quality. 46% of Washington wines scored 90+ points in major publications from 2012-2015. This narrowly edges out 45% from Oregon, 41% from France, 34% from Italy, and 32% from California
  2. Price. The average price of a 90+ point Washington wines is just $43, versus $49 in Oregon, a whopping $73 in California, $95 in France, and $69 in Italy
  3. Access. Washington has 53,000 acres under vine, which is nearly 2X the acreage of Oregon (via the 2015 Oregon Vineyard and Census Report published by Southern Oregon University). Apparently 4 new vineyards open in Washington every month! This means it won’t be hard to find, and you will certainly be seeing a larger selection in stores and on restaurant lists.

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