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Trader Joe’s to start sampling wine

There are some things that just make sense. Having the opportunity to try a beverage before you sink money into it is one of them. Even if we’re just talking two buck chuck. According to the Mercury News, Trader Joe’s has finally wised up to this idea with the start of free wine and beer samples at select stores in California.

The concept simply makes business sense. According to the firm representing Trader Joe’s, stores that sample sell 10-15% more wine. To prevent excessive alcohol consumption or accidental serving to minors, all sampling will occur in a small section of the store enclosed by a 4-foot high wall.

Wine sampling at grocery stores is clearly a win-win that’s been a long time coming. Given the legal hurdles and City Council approval needed, it’s likely to take some time before other Trader Joe’s stores hop on board… but here’s to hoping!


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