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3 Wine trends shaping how we drink in 2017 and beyond

The wine world continues to innovate in new and unexpected ways. Here are 3 of the latest wine trends that promise to impact wine innovation in 2017.

© HBO/Vintage Wine Estates
  1. Themed wine: Because wine and TV viewings go together like steak and cab, many of our favorite shows now have their own wines. Game of Thrones is collaborating with Vintage Wine Estates to produce three wines in time for the July premiere of Season 7 (unclear which is frequent tippler Cersei’s favorite). The Bachelor now offers  Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and (naturally), The Final Rosé, retailing at $15.96 per bottle. It’s highly likely that this just marks the beginning of many more themed wines to come. ( [People, Food & Wine]
  2. Wine filters: By now, word has spread that running cheap vodka through a Brita filter may help remove impurities and improve its taste. But doing the same to wine risks removing the very tannins and flavors that make wine… well, wine. Now, frequent hangover sufferers might have relief with the Üllo Wine Purifier. This wine filter removes the sulfites that are a frequent hangover culprit. At $80 per device and $3 per filter, the Üllo is designed to remove only sulfites, while preserving flavor. ( [FoxBusiness]
  3. Wine keurigs: Decanting and serving wine may have just gotten a little easier. The D-Vine takes small glass vials of wine and pours out a glass that’s perfectly decanted and brought to the correct serving temperature. Yes, the price tag is €890. But the goal isn’t just to serve any glass of wine — it’s to have wine served at the level of quality that would be provided by a sommelier at a restaurant. (  [DigitalTrends]

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